Alternative Carrier Options for Moms

Family Baby Carrier

In today’s world, moms stay very busy. Many even have errands to run within days of getting out of the hospital after delivery. Housekeeping chores never stop, not even because of the arrival of a baby. This means that every mom out there is looking for a helping hand. It is because of this that there are so many alternative carrier options for moms available. There are even a few for dads who want to help.

Baby Carrier Options

Baby CarriersEvery mom and baby is different. Some moms prefer to carry their infant close to their chest where nursing in secret is possible. Others prefer their toddler on their hip or their back. Babies also seem to have a preference. It may depend on what type of activities you will take part in on that day. No matter what type of help you want, carriers are available to you. Here are the different types and the benefits of each one.


The baby hip carrier is becoming one of the most popular choices for active moms. Their infant can sit in a very natural position on their hip, which is much easier on their back. It also allows the infant to sit with their legs spread, ensuring that their tiny bones grow normally. Its recommended that infants be able to hold their head up without help. Many of these carriers can be used from 6-36 months.

Backpack Carrier:

The backpack carrier is ideal for toddlers and busy moms. Often, you will see parents hiking with their toddler on their back. They’re designed with comfort. They are built to distribute your child’s weight over the carrier. There are some that infants can use. Make sure you check the age/weight rating.

Ring Sling:

Ring Sling CarrierThis carrier is very easy for moms to wear. They adjust to accommodate the baby’s size and can be used by moms or dads. They are available in a variety of colors so that you can use it as an accessory. One of the biggest benefits though is how easy they are to use. Moms do not need much practice to put it on and it can work well for breastfeeding moms.

Baby Wrap:

A lot of moms love the variety that comes with a wrap. They are available in a variety of fabrics and promise to keep your baby, and you, comfortable. Wraps fit all newborns, infants, and toddlers. They are also easy to clean since most can washed as often as you want.

Mei Tai/Soft Carriers:

The beauty of this type of carrier is how easy they are to adjust. They offer padding for your comfort and it provides extra support for baby. You do have to make sure that you choose a carrier that is usable by your baby based on their size. Some work with newborns while others are best used by infants that can hold their head up.

Which Will You Choose?

Busy moms deserve a helping hand. You need to find a carrier that makes your life easier. Some of these carriers can be difficult to put on, which can be a downside. Some of them may not be good for a baby of a certain age. Read the reviews and search for the one that will make your life as a mom simpler. You will be glad you did it.