Braces. Giving Your Kids The Perfect Smile

Braces are a great investment early on in your childs life

Some children look forward to getting braces, as they see them as a milestone closer to those teenage years Others, however, worry that they might look different from the other children and therefore be a victim of bullying, for being “different”.

Whichever way your own child is feeling about the prospect of braces, you may have some queries and concerns about braces yourself. Here are some things to consider before going for braces:

Why do children need braces?

For a number of reasons, children require braces. Overlapping or crooked teeth, too many teeth, or simply a”bad bite” are all common reasons why a child might need them. A malocclusion is the medical/dental term for a difference between the size of both top and bottom jaws, which causes a bad bite. If the upper jaw is bigger than the lower jaw, then an overbite is the result. Conversely, when the lower jaw is bigger, then an underbite results.

Losing baby teeth too early, having accidents, or habits like thumb sucking can cause problems for the jaws. However, they are often inherited, so if you or some other family member once wore braces, then it is likely that your children may also need them.

An orthodontist is the type of dentist who solely works on correcting problems with jaw or teeth alignment. They can make a recommendation and advise on the different options for braces.

Starting treatment early is important, so a visit to the standard dentist is a good idea as they can then refer you on if they feel necessary.

Affording Braces

Having braces helps create lovely smiles, but that’s not all! A good orthodontist work will contribute greatly to your child’s oral health. Straight and aligned teeth can make chewing food that bit easier and would you believe, can also prevent snoring.

Braces are not cheap, with a typical cost around $5,000 and even if you have health insurance, that may not cover much of your cost.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get braces at a lower cost:

Your dentist and dental societies. Ask your own dentist, as they may provide the service and also be willing to negotiate the cost with you. They may also be a great resource to recommend local orthodontists who may accept lower payment plans.

Note, being a good tooth brusher and using dental floss regularly improve your child’s position.

Your community. You can ask people around your community (local sports clubs, worship place, and academic organizations) to explore if any orthodontists are also members or to see if anyone you know is familiar with a dentist who would be happy to take on your child’s brace case.

State insurance programs. These programs, like Medicaid, may actually cover the cost of braces, especially if your child’s teeth problems are interfering with their speech, eating food, or swallowing at all.

However, please note that some states won’t make this easy. There is a lot of paperwork involved and it might be difficult to find a dentist who actually works with that particular insurance program. It is definitely worth checking.

The perfect bite

It is defiantly worth the perseverance, effort and patience you might need to locate a suitable orthodontist to treat your child at a reasonable cost. Besides the aesthetics, straight teeth can help to keep a healthy mouth for a lifetime.