Casting Your Baby Bump – A Memory for A Lifetime

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. It is the creation of life. It is special. Even if a woman is miserable with the size of her belly, she will still feel excited. For this reason, many moms have decided to create a memorable keepsake of their pregnancy. It goes above and beyond the pictures that we used in years past. It is the idea of casting your baby bump to

Why Cast Your Baby Bump?

Couple Casting A Baby BumpYou may not realize it when you are pregnant, but there will come a time when you want to talk about your pregnancy. Perhaps you will want to share a story with your child. Maybe it will be talking to another who is going through their first pregnancy. Every mom in the world has said, “I got very large when I was pregnant with (insert name).” Casting your baby bump will allow you to physically show off your bump, even 20 years after your child was born. You can also turn it into a keepsake that goes beyond the bump. You could fill it with photos of your baby’s sonogram, first pictures, footprints, handprints, infant toys, and more. Add all the baby things that have a special meaning to you because your infant was at one time sitting inside that bump if you want to. You can cast your belly when you still have a cute little bump. If you want, you can wait until you are about to go into a delivery room. You get to choose.

How to Begin Casting Baby Bumps

Casting A Baby BumpThe first thing you will want to do is use plaster to cast your bump. It will save the shape of your belly. As time moves on, you will be able to fill your bump with a variety of keepsakes and treasures. When you feel that the bump is complete. You can use something like a crystal clear casting resin here. Casting resin will glue your images to the plaster. You can also encapsulate hospital ID bands and other small trinkets from your baby’s first days. If you hope to add pictures and trinkets, you need to seal them first. This will ensure that air bubbles do not appear around them.

More Creative Fun for Moms

Creative Casting Baby BumpAs your baby grows, you will find other things that you wish you could keep forever. You can cast resin toys and your toddler’s first artwork masterpieces. You can cast your kindergartners first note to you saying that they love you. You can create artwork for every time frame in your child’s life. All it takes is casting resin and the items that hold value to you and your child.  What will you create? What will you cherish? How much of your child’s life will you turn into a keepsake?