First Time Parent? Here’s Some Tips!

So you are on your journey to bringing a new being into this world and it all seems a little daunting? 

The nine months of pregnancy is nearly over and it’s almost time to pop! In a few days time, you will have been through the labor and delivered your new child into the amazing world outside of the womb. All going to plan you will be set to go home soon and start the next chapter of your life. Don’t panic!

This is usually the time when most new parents are feeling a bit lost or confused, adapting to their new life as a parent and that is perfectly normal as it is a big life change.

There are a few ways to deal with any apprehension or nerves you might be noticing as a first time parent, so if you follow these tips below you will be feeling more confident and positive in your new role as a parent.

Dont be afraid to seek help after your baby is born

When your new baby is born, it can feel a little hectic and tiresome at times. But you should be open to asking for help. Feel free to ask the experts and mid wives in hospital while you’re there.

Often, hospitals will have specialists for feeding or perhaps consultants who focus on lactation who will be in a position to advise you with the basics of nursing your newborn and/or bottle-feeding. The nurses are there to help you with any questions you might have regarding to burping, holding, changing soiled nappies, and the general care of your new baby.

Friends and relatives

In addition to the medical professionals, your friends and relatives will often be more than willing to help you out so don’t be afraid to ask them or allow them to if they are forthcoming. While you may disagree on certain aspects of new-born parenting, remember that these may have been in your shoes before so don’t fully dismiss their own experience.

Handle with care

Just some of the basics to note:

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alternatively using a hand sanitizer prior to handling your newborn is important. Because newborns have yet to build up strength in their immune system, they are prone to infections. Also try to make sure that anyone who might handle your baby cleans their hands beforehand.

Head and neck: Be sure to cradle your baby’s head if carrying him/her and support their head if carrying them upright and also when laying them down.

Never shake your newborn baby! Whether it is just playing or in your own frustration, vigorous shaking can cause the baby’s brain to bleed and has known to even cause death! To wake your baby, don’t shake. Maybe tickle their feet or a gentle blow on the side of their should do the trick.

Ensure that your newborn is fastened into the stroller, carrier or your car seat securely. Try to keep any activity that may be too bouncy or rough to a minimum.

Remember: Your baby isn’t ready yet for any rough playing, such as knee jiggles or being lightly thrown up into the air! If you mange to take on board these tips you’ll on your way to a smooth transition to motherhood.