Mums Can Look Cool Too

Whether you are a new mom or a parent to a teenager, chances are good you have what you casually call, “Your Mommy Style”, especially if you are a stay at home mom who only gets out of the house to run errands. Often, when we picture moms in our mind, we imagine messy ponytails or buns, ragged jeans or leggings, shirt sleeves rolled up, and the baggier the better for all. Why do moms seem to have this image when we all know that mums can look cool, too?

The Mom Style

Mom LifeFor some reason, it often seems as though the minute a woman steps foot in the delivery room, she changes. Trendy fashion statement clothing that she wore pre-pregnancy may be hung up in the closet and forgotten once the baby bump begins to show. They often remain hidden away in the back of that closet for many years before she realizes, “I used to be cool.” It could be because as a new mom, you take on a role of caregiver and forget that you also need to take care of yourself. It could be simply because you have the baby weight that doesn’t go away just because you have your little one. No matter what reason you have for neglecting to be yourself now that you are a mom. You have run out of excuses and you have no reason to keep doing it to yourself.

The New Mom Style

Chaos MomMost moms enjoy having clothes that are versatile, affordable, and stylish. Target, H&M, and several online stores have clothing options that will suit your personal style very well. They have clothing that will suit your new body type, while remaining something that you would have worn pre-children. Most of them are also great, even if it has been several years since you started having kids and your babies are nearly grown. For instance, one very popular new, trendy style for moms is the Thinsulate 3M leather Jacket. It is fashionable, comfortable, and completely adorable. Once you put it on, you will become the woman that every other mom wishes she could be.

You Deserve to Feel Beautiful

Every woman in the world, whether she is a mom or not, deserves to feel good about herself. As a mom, you deserve it even more. You are a woman who is devoted to her family. You are raising little people who will one day grow up to be strong men and women. Working moms have an even tougher job of working hard, then going home to work even harder on chores, food preparations, and errands. With all the responsibilities that you have resting on your shoulders, the one thing you shouldn’t do is neglect or deny the fact that you are a beautiful woman. And for most, the idea of being beautiful and desirable as a woman, as a mom, will make each day with your little one even more enjoyable. You will feel good about you, and that is outstanding and important.